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11 November, 2010

Holiday shirts and designs

Price List

I have had several people asking me what the prices are for different things. I tried to get it all down on one list and make it simple to understand. Of, course I am sure I left some things off- so please let me know if you have any questions.

12 August, 2010


This is a shirt I did for a friend who is teaching at a new school. The shirt can be done for any school- one you work at, your kid attends, or the college you graduated from. It could also be done for kids initials!
This shirt was done for my niece. Her dad is a football coach and these are their team colors. Can be done with or without bow to match school colors. I also have a new design that has peace, love, football. Can't wait to try that one!

New items

Tote bag with owl applique. 

Sippy cup with monogrammed insert.

29 July, 2010

I was talking with someone today about sewing stuff and I mentioned a pillowcase dress I had made for my little girl. She asked to see a picture on here, so here it is.
I went back later and put her monogram on the front center. I should have put it on the bottom side.
Not too bad for not having a pattern- I really want to make some more for her now. Maybe after I get everything else done that I need to do, I can get to work on that!

28 July, 2010

Sun Beauty....

So I took a project to make myself learn to sew better. I thought I had picked something impossible. But as it turns out, it either wasn't that hard to do, or I have gotten a little better at this thing called sewing.....

You decide!
It was a lot of fun. Maybe next year I can make these to sell. Would anyone be interested in that? 

School Shirts

Now you can wear your school letters in style! You can pick your college alum letters, your school where you teach or where your child attends, or the letters of your favorite school. If your child is in the band or on a team we can put that under the appliqu├ęd letters.

I can make the design after you let me know what you would like. The fun comes in when you use different fabrics to spell the letters! It is 100% created by you!

The shirts run from $8 -$12 depending on the size (kids are cheaper of course) and the number of letters/fabrics you want on the shirt.